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Medical Care Guide for burn victims Medical Care Guide
Types of Scars

Scar formation is an inevitable part of the process of healing after an individual has suffered a burn injury. There are many factors which will determine the extent of scarring, including location of the burn, depth of the burn, age of the patient, sex of the patient and even ethnicity of the burn victim.

There are three major types of scars that may result from burn injury:

Keloid Scars:result from an excessively aggressive healing process, resulting in scar tissue overgrowth. In keloid scars, the scar tissue extends beyond the borders of the injury. These scars may be pink or red and will fade over time to a dark tan color.

Hypertrophic Scars:these scars are similar to keloid scars but do not spread beyond the borders of the wound/injured site. They are red in color and are raised above the level of the skin.

Contractures:skin that has been burned, particularly over a joint, may result in scarred tissue that is tight and inflexible, impairing movement of the joint. Contractures may affect underlying structures, such as nerves and muscles

Click on the links below to learn more about each specific type of scar tissue:

Keloid Scars Contractures Hypertrophic Scars



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