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Resources for burn victims Resources

Here you will find a list of resources we have compiled to make your search for information easier and stress-free, including burn units and rehabilitation centers, general health links, local support groups and counseling, experimental products and research information and much more. Simply click on the link below and it will take you to the information you seek…

Financial Aid
We provide counseling in regards to reduced cost or free medical services from various organizations around the nation, as well as referrals to the organizations.

Article and Research
The latest information and news on burn treatment.

A ‘recommended reading’ list for burn survivors and family members.

Burn Units/Rehab Centers
Burn units and rehabilitation units for every state.

Counseling/Pain Management
Websites, articles and listings for counseling and pain management resources.

Insurance Services
Legal and insurance services located in your area.

Support Groups
A list of support groups in your area.

Survivor Links
A list of organizations that dedicate themselves to assisting burn survivors and their families.

Treatment Products
Information on the latest products to treat burns, such as pressure garments and artificial skin.

Resource Form
Click here to add a listing to our resource directory.




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