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When a person suffers a severe burn injury, the burn survivor and their family must face a number of issues affecting their future which require qualified, professional advice. Some of the most common and important questions asked by burn survivors and their families are:
  • How will past, present and future medical bills be paid?
  • How will family bills and expenses be paid?
  • Should a personal injury claim seeking compensation be pursued?

Your Legal Rights
Discover your legal rights as a burn victim

Negligence of Others
Accidents often occur through a combination of negligent acts or a failure to act by one or more persons or entities.

Worker's Compensation
Worker’s Compensation laws provide various benefits to workers who become injured on the job.

Time Deadlines
Time is of the essence in personal injury law. There are specific deadlines within which a claim must be initiated or a lawsuit brought, lest one lose his/her legal rights.

Legal Representation
It is of utmost importance to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a serious accident or injury has occurred so that your questions can be answered and your legal rights can be explained to you and your family.

Verdits and Settlements
A list of sample settlements and verdicts that burn victims have been awarded.

Legal Q and A
Frequently asked questions regarding the legal rights of burn victims.

Cause of Injury
A variety of activities and sources that can result in burn injury.

Industrial Accident Sites
A list of accident sites around the nation where burn injuries have occurred.

Trades at Risk
There are numerous trades whose workers are at risk for burn-related injuries while on the job.

We have identified members of unions from the following trades as being at risk for burn-related injuries.

This section is meant to address common questions and educate the burn victim and their family regarding some of the resources that are available to assist in paying medical and family bills, as well as other services that can be of aid on their road to recovery.

Legal Services

Contact Us If you, a family member, or someone you know have sustained a serious injury and you want to determine whether you have a Personal Injury claim and/or a Worker's Compensation claim, please contact us.

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