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In the United States, 6,023 workers died as a result of work-related injuries in 1999. When you are injured on the job, you experience pain and suffering from the injury itself, and potentially high medical bills, lost wages, loss of ability to return to work and in very severe cases, loss of life as well. The questions often asked are: Who is responsible? What forms of compensation may be available? How can I access them?

In the United States, 6,023 workers died as a result of work-related injuries in 1999.In most states, workers injured on the job may seek compensation through the state's Worker's Compensation Act. In states that don't have a Worker's Compensation Act, an individual may consider pursuing a civil suit. At the Burn Injury Law Group we will work with you to assess the best course of action to take based on the specific details surrounding your injury.

Read examples of burn injuries and law suits resulting from accidents occurring on the job:

Mechanical Explosion of Hazardous Chemical Waste - Arizona

An employee of a hazardous chemical disposal company, was seriously injured when he attempted take a sample from a drum of hazardous chemicals owned by an aerospace company. Basically, a 55-gallon drum of hazardous chemicals packed inside an 85-gallon overpack vigorously blew apart when the employee attempted to open the overpack.

Kolodziey vs. Kmart

Premises Liability - Negligent Design and Maintenance; Violation of National Electric Code. Two electricians suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 65% and 40% of their body surfaces in an electrical explosion, which created a fireball lasting 3-4 seconds and generating a temperature of 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, causing serious injury to plaintiffs.



Legal Services

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